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  • 15:00 Rise of Hop Farming in New York

    Rise of Hop Farming in New York

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    Dave Pasick is starting a hops yard on his family farm in Utica, NY. Located right in the middle of the Mohawk Valley's former hops belt, Dave found wild hops growing around the old barn and silo on his land. After transplanting them to a homemade trellis

  • 38:05 Permaculture - Jean's Garden

    Permaculture - Jean's Garden

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    A young man attempts to design and grow a permaculture garden.

  • 22:17 one day in the life of a rice farmer in the Philippines

    one day in the life of a rice farmer in the Philippines

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    For many, a bowl of rice is a simple trip to the supermarket. Rarely do we think about the production of our food. The documentary shows a typical day in the life of a rice farmer and the laborious process of rice farming. You can see how well-connected t

  • 49:19 Farming by the Moon

    Farming by the Moon

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    A 50 minutes observational documentary made at Tablehurst farm in the UK as part of the MSc in Science Media Production at Imperial College London. The film try to follow the everyday life of a not so ordinary farm supported by an international community



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    A short documentary film telling the compelling yet pastoral tale of a farming couple from Blue Earth, Minnesota. Their hard work, perseverance, earnest faith and humble service to others clearly display the mark of God's glory. this film won the audience

  • 1:46:41 Farming - Lucent

    Farming - Lucent

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    Through a combination of hand-held and hidden camera footage, Lucent explores the darker side of Australia's pig farming industry, highlighting the day-to-day cruelty accepted by the industry as standard practice. Lucent is the result of a successful crow

  • 05:49 Age of the Farmer

    Age of the Farmer

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    “65 is the average age of farmers, and there are not enough young farmers to replace them. How did we get here?”** In the summer of 2015, Eva Verbeeck asked me to join her on a trip throughout the Pacific Northwest to produce a short film on y

  • 22:25 Popular The Real Nepal - Journey To The Top

    The Real Nepal - Journey To The Top

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    A travelers solo Journey to the Mt Everest Base Camp, featuring the many issues Nepal faces with poverty, environmental and political. Shot over a period of 2 months in Nepal.

  • 17:11 The Edge Of The Earth

    The Edge Of The Earth

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    A documentary about a journey to "The Edge of the Earth". The Gates of the Arctic National Park is the northernmost national park in the U.S. (the entirety of the park lies north of the Arctic Circle).There are no established roads, trails, visitor facili