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SHREYA GHOSHAL - Main Jeena Tere Naal

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(LYRICS, TRANSLATION & VIDEO) "They saw each other on the train while going to college and fell into love".

Shreya Ghoshal has sung this marvellous Punjabi song amazingly in her melodious voice. The soothing composition has created by Wajahat Attre for a Pakistani movie called "Mohabbataan Sachyian..True Love". The sweet lyrics have been written by Riaz ur Rahman Sagar.

It is a matter of great Pleasure and Pride for me that the Director of movie "Mohabbataan Sachiyaan" Mr. Shahzad Rafique, in his personal message, has accredited and admired my efforts on this song. I am quoting his message:

"Hello...I am Shehzad rafique director of the film mohabbataan sachiyaan from lahore pakistan.i saw the video compilation you made from the song of my film and i must say it was wonderful...the video you took to sync the song itself is my favourite song from the film sathiya!i was amazed to see how u synced the song with the video...utterly amazing!

Best Wishes,
Shahzad Rafique"


میں جینا تیرے نا ل
MaiN jiina tere naal
(I will live with you .........
جیواں دن چار، پاویؑں جیواں سو سا ل
jiwaaN din chaar, paveiN jiiwaaN sou saal (2)
even if; I may live four days or hundred years !)
تیرے قددماں وچ مر جاواں
Tere qadmaaN wich mar jawaaN (2)
(I want to die at your feet .....
دنیا دیوے مثا ل
Duniya Devey Misaal
people would quote my example !)
میں جینا تیرے نا ل
MaiN jeena tere naal
جیواں دن چار، پاویؑں جیواں سو سا ل
jiwaaN din chaar, paveiN jiwaaN sou saal
کیتے نیی وعدے جھوٹے ، کھایؑیاں نے قسماں
Keete nai waadey jhoothey, KhaiyaaN ne qasmaaN
(We have not made false promises and are under oaths....,

اساں نیی منیاں جگ دیاں رسماں
AsaaN nai munniyaN jagg diyaN rasmaaN,
we will not accept the traditions of the world !)
رل کے کٹنیاں تپاں چھاواں
Rall ke katanniyaN tuppaaN, chhawaaN
(We will share together sun or shades ....
سہنیاں ٹھنڈیاں تتیاں ہواواں
SehniyaaN thandiyaN tattiyaN hawawaaN
and will bear chilling or sizzling winds together !)
رب وی سوچے اسماناں تے
Rab vi soochay asmanaaN te (2)
(God will also think in the Heavens
جوڑی بنی کما ل
JoRii bani kamaal
that it is an amazing couple)
مان ہے چنا مینوں اپنی وفا تے
Maan hai channa manu apni waffa te,(2)
(I am proud, O my love, of my loyalty.....
تیری میں ڈوری سوٹی اپنے خدا تے
Teri maiN dori sutti apne khuda te
I have handed over the strings of destiny to my god !)
دین گواہی گزریاں صدیاں
Dain ghawahi, ghuzriyaN saddiyaN
(The past centuries are the witness
زندہ رہیاں محبتاں سچیاں
Zinda raheyaN mohabbataaN sachiyaN,
that the true love has always survived !)
مر جاندے نے عاشق مر کے
Mar jande ne aashiq mar ke,
(The lovers perish after pass away,....
میرا نیی خیال
Mera naiN khiyaal
I do not believe so !)
میں جینا تیرے نا ل
MaiN jeena tere naal
جیواں دن چار، پاویؑں جیواں سو سا ل
jeewan din chaar, paNweiN jiiwaN sou saal (2)
تیرے قددماں وچ مر جاواں
Tere qadmaan wich mar jawaan
دنیا دیوے مثا ل

Duniya Deve Misaal

MaiN jeena tere naal
جیواں دن چار، پاویؑں جیواں سو سا ل
jeewan din chaar, paveiN jiiwaN sou saal

(Thanks to Yash Raj Films and Mr. Shehzad Rafique)

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